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  • A fascinating little corner of the internet where I share electronics projects I'm working on, designing or modding them myself, and asking you for feedback to improve them. In return you get nicely-drawn schematics and complete circuit descriptions.

    "Oh my stars and garters. An honest, polite, and intellectually sound debate about the origins of the universe... and there's no name-calling or feces-flinging! I'm bookmarking this."

    TheMasterTimekeeper, commenter

    "I must say, Obi, you are quite the gentleman. I felt proud to know you."

    Phoenix, commenter

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Ye Olde Not-So-Current Events Blog

  • If you really care to see the old "once, but no longer current" events blog, here's the archives page. My political views have changed quite a lot since those days of olde, and I'm not always of a mind to discuss them, but, if your mind is open to having an actual productive conversation (i.e. if you're not just out to convert me to your POV) then you just might get lucky. ;o)